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is located at about 1250 meters above sea level, a bit away from Toblach, in the middle of the Dolomites. Since we are not located directly in the village, the house is bordered by wide, open fields and meadows, and behind the house a forest provides cool shade that Gustav Mahler already appreciated. The house was built in 1913 by Georg Trenker, since then we have renovated, expanded and rebuilt it to offer our guests an unforgettable stay and to produce our food to the highest standards.

For the same reason we are committed to the production of organic food. Organic means that we work as close to nature as possible in order to manufacture products that are genuine and healthy - for people as well as for our animals and the soil to which we are committed.

Most of the work on the farm takes up the milk production, although we have remained small with "only" 6 cows. Up until a few years ago we made cheese from this valuable raw material ourselves; today we deliver the milk to the 3 Zinnen dairy. In addition to hay for our animals, we also harvest grain on our fields, which we grind into flour, potatoes and all kinds of vegetables, such as white and red cabbage or beetroot.

Come to us and learn more about our philosophy and the biological way of working!

Our animals

are the basis of our farm and therefore our lives. It is therefore no wonder that we take special care of them: in the warm summer months, our calves are allowed to go to the alpine pastures for summer freshness, where they can eat the best herbs and romp around with other calves. Our cows, on the other hand, stay in the valley so that we can milk them every day, but they too live almost day and night outside, where they eat fresh grass and lie comfortably in the warm sun. Hence the great milk quality, which is meticulously paid attention to. In fact, our milk is tastier and healthier than conventional milk, as we completely do without silage - until a few years ago we made excellent cheese from this milk, today we make butter and yoghurt for our guests.

We also raise pigs that are fed high-quality organic food - the difference in quality from traditional pork and bacon is enormous. They too can wallow in the mud and enjoy a run. The same goes for our chickens: they dig in the earth around the vegetable garden to catch worms, while we also feed them home-grown grain. The taste of the eggs they lay reflects all of this.

Lukas recently started taking care of two colonies of bees that fertilize his fields and trees and at the same time provide wonderful honey and wax for creams or candles.

Last but not least, two cats live with us on the farm - Melli and Leo. The two ensure that the mice are kept in check and delight both children and adults who pet and play with them.

Our family

has been running this farm since it was built in 1913. Today the fourth generation lives and works there - Lukas, who recently took over the farm from his father, is a committed organic farmer and takes care of the welfare of his animals, while Maria Luise, the old farmer, takes care of renting out the holiday apartments and the farmer's breakfast, that you can enjoy by booking in advance. Altbauer Anton, on the other hand, goes about his work as a hydraulic fitter and helps out wherever he is needed in his free time - he is particularly good at all manual work.

We are pleased to meet you!

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